Exercises to Reduce Breast Size / Saggy Boobs

Exercises to Reduce Breast Size / Saggy Boobs


Femineity in a female body is defined by a very integral part of the body – Breasts. Large breasts have been glorified in films and poetry but the reality is far from true. Ask a woman with heavy breasts and you will understand the daily struggles she goes through.

Take this test to see how much your breasts weigh. It’s fun and it’ll tell you how much your breasts are equivalent to.

If you think having larger breasts is tedious for you then you must do these exercises to reduce your breasts.

First let’s look at the anatomy of breasts. There are 2 ways of going about it - either make the muscles under the breasts stronger to give them a more firmer and perky look or reduce the fat inside the breasts. While there is no such thing as focused fat reduction, you would have to reduce your overall body weight and based on your genetic make-up and fat depositions proportionally your breast size would reduce and fix saggy boobs. It’s the same reason a skinny girl might have bigger buttocks than a girl twice her size / weight.

There have been multiple studies regarding focused fat reduction or spot fat reduction via exercises, any site that tells you otherwise is BOGUS. The only way focused fat reduction is possible through surgical means – invasive and non-invasive (radio frequency, ultrasonic etc)


Working out your chest will give you a manly chest is a MYTH. Women simply doesn’t have enough testosterone to pack so much muscle as a man. It would be physically impossible to do without injecting external hormones which professional bodybuilders do.

For your reassurances please read the following articles, they are well researched –

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spot_reduction - Overview and conclusion of all researches conducted ever by the scientific community.
  2. "Targeted Fat Loss: Myth or Reality?". Yale Scientific.
  3. "Gene–Environment Interactions on Body Fat Distribution".International Journal of Molecular Sciences


If you can’t lose weight fast enough and you can’t do focused fat reduction, what can you do? There is only one thing left to do and that is to train your underlying muscles.

Let’s first understand which muscles we need to target to make your breasts more perky and firmer thus reducing volume.

Anatomy of a Breast


Breasts are composed of two main muscles and one ligament that is present only in a woman not in men.

  1. Pectoralis major - It is a triangular convergent muscle which is often thick and fan-shaped. It is located at the chest of the female body. It constitutes the majority of the chest musclesand is located under the breasts. Beneath the pectoralis major is a thin, triangular muscle called the pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major's primary functions include internal rotation, flexion and adduction of the humerus. The pectoral major in modern vernacular may often be referred to as "Pecs", "pectoral muscle" or "chest muscle" due to it being the most superficial and largest muscle in the chest.


  1. Pectoralis minor - It is a triangular, rather thin muscle, located at the upper part of the chest, beneath the pectoralis major in the breasts.


  1. Cooper’s Ligament (aka the suspensory ligaments of Cooperorthe fibro-collagenous septa) are connecting tissues that help maintain structural integrity, named after Astley Cooper She first discovered and described them in 1840.

Cooper’s Ligament and it’s relationship to sagging

Many women believe the failure of the Cooper's ligaments to support the breast tissue causes sagging in women’s breasts. In fact, sagging is partly determined by genetic factors, but a scientific study found that the biggest factors affecting sagging in order of severity are :

  1. Cigarette Smoking ( most severe)
  2. Body Mass Index or BMI
  3. Number of Pregnancies (If any)
  4. Size of herbreasts before pregnancy
  5. Age


The main function of the chest muscles is to bring your arms across your body and to permit your shoulders to move forward. As seen from the diagram below the Pectoralis Major is the biggest muscle and Pectoralis minor supports the Pectoralis Major in the mid-section. The breast hinge on the Cooper’s Ligament which help in maintain the shape of the breasts.

Unlike Men, Women have one more set of muscles in their chest which are known as Cooper’s ligaments as explained above. These are connective tissues which are thin and work together to lift and support the breasts. The Cooper’s ligaments are responsible for lifting the breast and keeping it perky. With age, these ligaments become weak and slack. The result is that the breasts start to droop or what we infamously call saggy boobs.

Just as a worker tightens the guide wires on a suspension bridge, targeted exercise will tighten the Cooper’s ligaments. This will lift your breast, giving you more volume and a fuller cleavage.

It is quite easy to neglect the chest area in favour of the usual areas where fat tends to deposit in a woman’s body; abdomen, the hips and thighs. Neglecting the breasts is a big mistake. Regular chest exercises will quickly transform your breast, making it more perky. At the same time, your upper body posture will improve with these exercises. Your entire upper body will  become stronger as well. As a secondary benefit, your shoulders will be well sculpted, adding to the toned and athletic appearance which is the trademark of an “In-shape” woman.

Exercises to reduce Breast Size / Saggy Boobs


So ladies! Before the problem gets too annoying, you must try out these best exercises to reduce breast size or fix your saggy boobs or if you want to reduce your breast size. If you follow this guide it you will see an improvement in the breast size, and as an added benefit also achieve an overall toned body. To get visible results, you must commit yourself to work out regularly and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.


If you don’t want to do workouts and have access to a swimming pool you can try this :

Swimming – 5 laps of 100m / 10 laps of 50m / 20 laps of 25m for 30 mins everyday

Swimming can reduce your breast size if you do it properly and regularly. The freestyle stroke and the back stroke if executed with proper form burns the excess fat around the breasts by subjecting the chest muscles to a lot of pressure . This in turn helps in reducing the breast size to an extent. However, you must do at least 5 laps of 100 metres or 10 laps of 50 meters or 20 laps of 25 metres of swimming for 30 minutes every day to notice the difference. Please check the length of the swimming pool before starting the exercise. Most swimming pools in societies and clubs are 25m in length.

Simple & Effective Exercises To Reduce Breast Size or Saggy boobs:

Beginner Exercises

20x Pillow Squeeze – no rest – 20x Side Arm Life – no rest – 20x Floor Chest Press– no rest – 20x Floor Fly– no rest – 20x Knee Push Up – REST for 60 seconds. REPEAT this 3 times in total


After 3 sets of each exercise of the beginner workout for 2 weeks, progress to the intermediate level workout


Intermediate Exercises

20x Bust Shaper – no rest – 20x Kneeling Row – no rest – 20x Breast Lifter – no rest – 20x Downward Dog – REST for 60 seconds. REPEAT this 3 times in total.


After 3 sets of each exercise of the Intermediate workout for 2 weeks, progress to the Advanced level workout.


Advanced Exercises

20x Cross Punch – no rest – 20x Single Arm Push Up – no rest – 20x Up Down Plank – no rest – 20x V Push Up – REST for 60 seconds. REPEAT this 3 times in total.

If you follow this for a month diligently we can guarantee you that you will see results and keep on doing this till you achieve your goal.

Other Exercises that you can substitute in your workout :

  1. Wall Press – Similar to Push-ups but leaned against the wall
  2. Push-Ups – If wall presses and Bent Knee Push Up are too easy for you go for this exercise
  3. Bent Knee Push Up – If wall press is too easy for you and Push-Ups too difficult for you then this is the exercise you’d want to do
  4. Leg Raise – Do this exercise slowly so that you feel the burn. Standard tempo being 4-1-4-0. 4 Seconds to go up, 1 second pause, 4 seconds to go down and then back up again.
  5. Shoulder Shrugs – This exercise can be deceptively easy but make sure you do this with a 4-1-4-0 tempo to feel the burn.
  6. Upright Rows – Make sure your back is straight otherwise you risk damaging your lower back
  7. Anterior Front Raises – Use low weights on this exercise as it can be difficult with higher weight if you are a beginner.
  8. Side Raises – Pair it up with Anterior Front Raise for a great shoulder burn
  9. Cardio Workout: Cardio exercises like swimming, walking, yoga, Zumba, CrossFit, jogging, and aerobics can help you shed overall fat in the body. They quickly burn your calories and boost your metabolism, to see a noticeable difference. You can compound these effects by performing them in combination with strength training and push-ups, this can reduce the size of your breasts and make them appear smaller but much much firmer!

Now, you have access to a full range of movements that will lift out, fill, lift and maintain a perfect breast. The exercises provided are progressive. As you regularly commit to these exercises, you will get stronger and more toned and the exercises will become easier to perform. Remember any change / habit take 21 days to set in and those are the hardest, so push through !

We highly recommend that you wear a sports bra ( high impact if possible) when working out to prevent damage to the connective tissues in your breasts.

Tell us if you been using our best chest exercises for women to work your breast and if they helped you ? Or do you have some favourite moves of your own that we haven’t included? Share your top exercises for women and any tips that you have in the comments section below!

Getting in shape is good for health but always embrace your body and what you have, love it and it will love you back.

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