Neck Designs for Dress and Tops

Neck Designs for Dress and Tops

A detailed guide for your next neckline that you will love.

Buying a dress, a sexy prom dress, bodysuit, monokini, bikini or a top that checks off all the pointers on your checklist can be tricky and exhausting. In this article we will break it down for you and narrow down your choices.

You can narrow down based either the type of style you want or the occasion you want it for. Owning the right neckline can expeditiously give your ensemble an enticing touch.

On the contrary a wrong move and the entire outfit can fail. 

To keep you from making that mistake here are the different types of necklines that work with the right occasion and time. You will have to invest a few minutes of your time to discover what it is you have been looking for.

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Types of Neck Designs for Dress – A Detailed guide on the latest Neck Designs/ Neckline

1. Asymmetrical Neckline




 In the 80’s, the asymmetric neckline was popular. As the name suggests it is different on both sides of the neck in order to add more accent to the outfit





2. Wrap Neckline




This neckline overlays towards the side of the shoulder which crafts a look that appears feminine and flirtatious which you can flaunt at your next party




3. Sweet-Heart Neckline




The Sweet-Heart neckline is typically low in the front and high at the back where it is shaped like a heart. This design is favoured in wedding gowns as enhances the shape of the person which makes it the perfect choice.



4. Plunge/Low Neckline



This neckline accentuates the wearer’s cleavage as it has a deep neck in the front usually in the shape of a V. This is a perfect neckline for your next social evening or night-out.




5. Pussy Bow Neckline




Romantic, Delicate and Classy, this chic styled neckline comes in the form of a bow on the neckline. It can spruce up your evening wear instantly with the dymanism it offers.




6. Strapless Neckline




Popularise by bridal gowns, this neckline is constructed without straps on the shoulders. This graceful style gives a beautiful and stunning feel to the outfit.




7. Ruffle Neckline



Perfect for you date night, the pendulous design flows onto the dress and will you feel sexy and ready to out. The style hangs onto the neck and looks effortless and elegant..




8. One Shoulder Neckline



Another type of asymmetrical neckline, instead of having two different type of neckline on either side it just has one as the name suggests. One side of the neck would be bare skin. If you want to blaze in the club this sleek cut will offer you the perfect advantage..




9. Yoke Neckline




Timeless since the 80s, this classic neckline is  fabricated in a pattern around the next. This supplement design take your flair up a notch





10. Off-Shoulder Neckline




Be it a party, club or a date night you can’t go wrong with an off-shoulder neck. It flaunts bold shoulders on either sides. This neckline is definitely a wow caller.




 11. Layered Neckline




Perfect for you summer dressing, this neckline is designed with a fling designs that adds more to the attire. This is also perfect for busty women who want their dress not to be too obvious from the front.




12. Split / Notched Neckline





Featuting a V-check design at the front, this notched/ Split neckline usually has a button closure at the front with some skin peak. It is a sure shot design that should have a place in your wardrobe. 




13. Gathered Neckline




The Gathered Neckline has a silhouette which sums up together on the middle of the neck on the neck. Head out to a party or a club with this street styled sexiness. 




14. Peter Pen Collar Neckline




The Peter Pen Collar Neckline has curved ends that meet at the front of the dress. The timeless style stays forever in your summer wardrobe.




15. Jabot Neckline




In most instances of this neckline the fabric falls from the neck and that makes it an crucial part of the dress. It is an inspiration from the Brogue period, classy and elegant.




16. Cowl Neckline




The Cowl Neckline makes a remarkable first impression for brunch hours. It has a flowy design that looks extremely flattering and feminine.




17. Mock Neckline 




A high collar design that goes up the neck and is NOT to be folded down. Appropriate for day to night wear, the mock neckline will always add spice to your style.




18. Pleat Neckline




Do you want to draw attention to yourself at your next cocktail night ? 

Then this neckline is perfect for you. The neckline is a fold formed style. That becomes a timeless foundation of an outfit.



19. Deep V Neckline




The deep plunging V neck ends usually just a little above the waist. This glam neckline will be your partner for a perfect party season.




20. Convertible Neckline



As the name suggests the convertible neckline can be Transformed into different shapes from broad shoulders to thin to even off shoulders. You can creatively pull off at least 4-5 looks from this type of a dress.  This dress once styled would stay put for an entire night.




21. Surplice Neckline




A neckline that blurs the line between casual and profession outings. It is designed with diagonally crossed line over one another on the neck.




22. Keyhole Neckline




The keyhole Neckline features a hole or a slit design typically at the centre of the neck area or below the neck in some cases. The neckline amplifies your seductive side.




23. Scoop Neckline




The Scoop neckline sinks significantly more than a normal neckline to show the top of the cleavage. This low cut design is an enticing addition for a days outfit.




24. Halter Neckline




This neckline has a knot style at the nape of the neck for your convenience. The Halter Neckline style commands attention as you slay the upmarket look.




25. Boat / Sabrina Neckline



Boat / Slash/ Sabrina Neckline is wide and forms a horizontal back and front across the collarbone. If featured onto an evening wear dress, this style will make some head turn as you wear a tasteful neckline.




26. Scalloped Neckline




The Scalloped Neckline has a semi-circle like design that is quite dramatic. This charming piece adds all comfort for date look in the afternoon.




27. Sheer Neckline





This neckline showcases your collarbone is a very classic Victorian way. It is translucent above the bust line with it’s sheer neckline



28. Illusion Neckline




The illusion neckline is an on-trend style that is attached to the body and extends from collar to bust. This neckline will spoil you for a choice for you D-day.




29. Embellished Neckline



The Embellished Neckline style will be a great add-on to you’re a-list. This neckline is typically studded with highlighting design.





30. Cut Out Neckline




This neckline has a lot going on above the bust. It features a peeking design with a variety of cuts constructed on the dress. The cut out neckline will make you appear your best at your weekend brunch.



31. Crochet Neckline




Perfect for your vacation or staycation days. The Crochet Neckline is contructed in such a way that the treads are interlocked which in turn forms a pattern.




32. Turtle Neckline




Popular during winter days, a Turtle neck has a high neck that can be folded down, it has a fitted collar that creates volume around the neck area. It is a signature style for your winter days.




33. Round Neckline



The round neck can be seen on everyone it is by far the most popular neckline. It forms a semi circle around the garment. I can be used in a graceful way or a rather obvious way, depends on the dress and the way it’s designed.




34. V Neckline




One of the most common necklines after the round neck. Because of it’s vertical nature the outfit can make an elegant entrance at a formal affair and amalgamate this style into your dress.




35. U Shaped Neckline




The U Shaped neckline forms a deep U shape as the name suggest. Plunges low to reavel quite a bit of cleavage. It’s a unerring choice for a dinner date.




36. Square Neckline




The Square neckline in essence has a straight cut that shows off your collarbone which ultimately forms four corners i.e. a quare on the dress. Add this for  classic comfort and convenience for a casual outing.




37. Diamond Neckline




A rhombus shape essentially, the diamond neckline carves a diamond shaped design as a neckline on a dress. Dreamy and delicate, this neckline will become your favourte on the weekends.




38. Crew Neckline





Brighten up your 9-5 with the crew neckline which clings to the neck in the form of a circle. Tis eye catching neckline is sure to turn a few heads.





39. Criss Cross Neckline




The neckline flaunts a neck patten in the shape of an “X”. Let your wardrobe look potent on dates as you wow this neckline on-to your dress with poise.




40. Queen Anne Neckline




This neckline is raised and partially revealing in the front. Dresses with this type of neckline can have push up feature as well in order to accentuate the cleavage. The Queen Anne neckline can be the star of the show and help you sparkle in a holiday party.



41. Mandarin Neckline




Derived from the Chinese culture the Mandarin Neckline on dresses can really stand out when fabricated on a dress. Send out laid back vibes wearing this dazzing going out outfit.




42. Shawl Neckline




This neckline falls a bit lower than usual necklines and has fabric that is rolled over along the neckline. Opulent and intimate, the Shawl Neckline will reckon you up for cocktail evening parties.




43. Lapel Collar Neckline





The Lapel Collar Neckline fuses a dose of chic cue on the ensemble for a oh-so-sexy sight. The neckline is usually in a V shape with folded flaps along the border in the front of the dress.



44. Hug Shoulder Neckline




The Hug Shoulder neckline stays firm off shoulder on the body. It has the ability to accent the collarbones and achive that oh-so-sweet look with this designated charming neckline.




45. Shirt Collar Neckline



The Shirt Collar is a casual and fun take on the male-dominant shirt collar neckline. The dress will uplift your day out and exude fun vibes.




46. Low Neckline




The Low Neckline like the Deep V Neckline drops quite low typically till the waist. It can be in varying shapes. This style is very seductive and is a flirt wear. You don’t want to miss a chance to wear it.




47. Spaghetti Neckline


This neckline appears stunning due to it’s V or U neckline accompanied with thin straps. Show off this neckline the neck time you head out to a sunny place or the beach.






48. Grecian Neckline




As the name suggests this neckline is inspired by the Ancient Greece Style, the neckline features breath-taking design that shows off the collarbones well, add a feminine finesse to your closet with this neckline.




49. Raglan Neckline




The raglan Neckline has sleeves that diagonally join the bodice into the neckline. Clubbing this neckline into your style will add a casual vibe to your outfit.




50. Portrait Neckline




The portrait neckline puts your collarbones on a spotlight with it’s wide neckline style resting on the shoulder blades. Captivate your date whether you’re going out for a dinner or the opera with this adorning neckline.



51. Chinese Neckline




This style enhances your look and makes it a great choice as a sexy prom dress. The Chinese neckline has a standing collar designed to be erect.




52. Ascot Neckline




The Ascot neckline is derived from the British 19th Century era. Wear your fomal attire with a neckline that has a neckband with pointed wings and the elaborate way the tie adds drama around the neck.



53. Cage Neckline 




The Cage Neckline has details above the bust that look flattering when you choose to wear it on the dance floor. Rock this and all eyes will be on you in the club.




54. Cut Way / Racer Neckline




This neckline covers the front bust part well and it is sleeveless which leaves the arms open.  The racer neckline if worn will surely impress people and make a few heads turn.




55. Pointed Flat Neckline



The Pointed Flat Neckline is an absolute addon for your formal attire. Amaze your work colleagues with this unique neckline.


56. Crumb Catcher Neckline




The Crumb Catcher Neckline is very popular with wedding gowns. It has a scrunched neckline where the entire dress comes in gathered from, it’s usually heavy and channels endless classy vibes to you.




57. Fold Over Neckline




Intead of a straight neckline this has a fold at the top. Perfect for women with large busts. Reconstruct your urbane style by laying your hands on this sumptuous neckline.




58. Tucked Neckline




The tucked neckline covers the neck area pretty well. Perfectly suitable for office hours, this neckline on a dress will be your twinkle at work.




59. Sailor /Middy Collar Neckline



This neckline has a broad collar with a square flap across the back which tapers toward the front in the shape of a V. The Sailor or Middy Collar takes inspiration from sailors and this style is always a statement maker.




60. Petal Neckline




The Petal neckline as the name suggests mimics the ends of the neckline in the shape of rounded petals. A combination of sweet and sexy, it’s a clear choice for your next Sunday brunch.




61. Choker Neckline




The choker neckline has gained a lot of followers on social media and in the fashion world recently. The style encapsulates the throat and promises to deliver on too hot to handle trend.




62. Double Collar Neckline




This neckline has a double collar designed on top of the dress. The two collars join together to form a perfect piece for day glam.




63. Puritan Collar Neckline




If you’re going for a more chic and sophisticated look the Puritan Collar is your choice. The neckline has the front fully covered and the neckline falls off the shoulder and stays there as your wear it.





The necklines as described in this article are for sure a style stealer. They will upgrade your if you know what suits you the best. Opt out for the ones that take away the charm from you and prefer those will be a game changer for you. Decide wisely and you shall be the centre of attention.

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