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Discover our new beach wear. Versatile pieces for every day action, that interchange with swimwear. Our collection can be worn to move, dance, swim in, or styled with our ready to wear.

The season of flaunting has arrived, so make the most of it, ladies. We're talking about the summer season, which is the ideal time to relax at a beach vacation or have a pool party with friends and family. If you have any intentions to spend your summer weekends at the beach, it is time for you to start looking for the right beachwear for women. A beachwear that is flirtatious, girly, and sensuous is all you need to have a fantastic time at the beach party. That is why we are here to provide you with a fashion guide on how to choose the best beachwear for women and your body type and where to get the most fashionable swimsuits available. Check out the best and most attractive beachwear for women collections from Belavous.

10 types of beachwear category are available in Belavous

1. One Piece Swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit with a vintage appearance is a timeless fashion staple. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and even Sharmila Tagore have donned the one-piece swimsuit with panache in the past year. One-piece swimsuits are flattering to the body, and women who don't want to show too much skin could go for this stylish one-piece swimwear.

2. Bikini

    Every beach girl's all-time favorite piece of clothing is the bikini. Essentially, it is a two-piece swimsuit that comes in a variety of styles to accommodate any body type. The several types of Bikinis in India are as follows: the monokini, the microkini, the trikini, the bandeaukini, the skirtini, and the tankini.

    Discover which sort of bikini is most suited for your body shape.

    Form of the Monokini - Rectangle or ruler shape, which is also suitable for overweight ladies

    • Bandeaukini Style — Women with an hourglass figure and a mid-bust.
    • Trikini Style - Hourglass and ruler shape torso with a triangle top.
    • Tankini - a body in the shape of an apple
    • A bikini top and bottom with an hourglass silhouette and a high waisted bottom for a pear-shaped body

    3. Skirtini

      The skirtini gives off a kittenish and coy appearance, which is ideal for poolside get-togethers. Show off your flashy and frilly side with this short and sensual appearing swimsuit that would cover your hips and thighs while yet remaining fashionable.

      Swimsuits in the skirtini style are perfect for people with pear-shaped bodies. Women who have larger thighs might also create the illusion of having slimmer thighs. neckline made of mesh A-line skirtini, tribal design skirtini, ruffled polka dot skirtini, and other contemporary styles. Get the best beachwear online India only on Belavous

      4. Sling Swimsuit

        Sling swimsuits, also known as sling bikinis and suspender thongs, are noted for their enticing and daring appearance. The Y shape design slingshot swimsuit is sure to draw attention and make you stand out amongst the other women in the crowd. Women with a rectangle body type who lack curves can definitely consider wearing a sling swimsuit, which will provide the illusion of curves.

        5. Ruffle Swimsuit

          A ruffled swimsuit has flirty air, and it might even be considered fashionable nowadays. Ruffles can also give the appearance of a larger bust, which would be ideal for women with smaller busts. The ruffle fashioned swimsuit is a must-have for pear shape women who have a smaller upper torso and have their fat focused in the bottom region. Select a style that flatters your body type, from one piece to two-piece, but make sure the top is structured with an underwire to help elongate your little bust.

          6. Bandeau Swimsuit

            The bandeau swimsuit has a tropical feel to it and would be a great choice for a trip to the beach in Goa. Ladies with a mid-bust would find this swimsuit to be great, however, women with a small bust should avoid this style of swimsuit. Additionally, a color block bandeau would bring out the lively and zesty part of your personality. Women with an hourglass figure can wear a bandeau swimsuit with grace and sophistication. Hourglass ladies have the perfect swimsuit formand are the most coveted body type in the world. Whatever kind of dresses for beachwear you choose, you will look beautiful

            7. Three-Piece Swimsuit

              Every beachwear woman will be drawn to this three-piece dress for beachwear since it is cool, great, and sophisticated in appearance. Three-piece swimsuits are an inventive and adaptable piece of clothing for those who do not want to show their entire body.

              Almost anybody type could appear fashionable in a three-piece swimsuit. Ladies with voluptuous, thicker thighs may like the sarong type three-piece swimsuit; similarly, women with apple and round shapes may prefer the kaftan style three-piece swimsuit.

              8. Swimsuit

                If you're looking for the best beachwear that is both stylish and ladylike, then this swim dress is perfect for you. The combination of a swimsuit and a dress gives it a distinct and flirty look at the same time. Women with a heavy bottom and a pear shape. Get the best beachwear online in India only on Belavous

                Racerback tops, halter neck swim dresses, and V-neck swim dresses are all popular this season.

                9. Legsuit

                  A leg suit is a figure-hugging best beachwear that would be perfect for all of the tall ladies out there. Aqua aerobics and swimming are ideal activities for this attractive suit because it is both comfortable and sassy. In this leg suit, you may show off your charming side while adding a splash of elegance. Leg suits are a great choice for women who have an hourglass body type, which is very common. Long-legged beauties may also rock this swimwear and look quite stylish at the beach.

                  10. Top-Bottom Set

                    Another demure beachwear for girls who wish to experiment with swimsuits but are apprehensive about showing too much flesh. The top-bottom set, on the other hand, is a flamboyant and sassy ensemble that is trendy and a favorite of every Apple form woman. Women whose upper bodies are heavier than their lower bodies can wear the top-bottom combination. The attention would be drawn to your gorgeous legs if you were wearing this bikini.

                    Pattern Tribal prints, floral prints, and monotone are the current fashion patterns to wear to show off your beach style.

                    We feel that wearing beachwear requires the greatest amount of confidence; therefore, no matter what body shape you have, if you are confident enough, it will show through in what you are wearing. we hope you have gained some insight from our post. If you have any thoughts about fashionable beachwear for girls, please share them with us.