About Us

Our Philosophy

Bel à Vous is a brand inspired by and created for the most vibrant, fun, and fearless women all over the world. Since our inception in 2020, we've built an incredible community of women who move forward in confidence, comfort, and style. From swimsuits to cover ups to dresses and activewear, all of our pieces are crafted with love using patterns, textures, and quality fabrics that get you anywhere effortlessly. We're committed to staying true to our roots in our mission to empower women everywhere to look and feel their best in quality, stylish, and affordable Beachwear, Activewear and Dresses.

Made with Love for all Women

We design with different body shapes and sizes in mind. With timeless one pieces, extra compression leggings, body con dresses, or cheerful bright bikinis - there’s something that’ll make every woman feel beautiful, inside and out. We believe every woman should have access to quality apparel without the high price tag - get ready to fall in love with every piece from Bel à Vous that is thoughtfully made for you.

“Made by women | Made for women”

Bel à Vous is a fashion-based start-up that took birth in 2020 and within the very short span of 1 year, it has now turned into a huge success. At present,  Bel à Vous has become the common household name in the list of the top women-centric fashion brand in India.

Bel à Vous meteoric success can be decoded by shedding light on two major factors. I.e., Firstly, it is the brand that resonates with the voice of 21st century empowered women. Secondly, All of the  Bel à Vous products are made with premium quality fabrics irrespective of price constraints, we believe price shouldn’t be the barrier between customers and products.

Bel à Vous is the company created keeping the spirit of young, passionate, fun, vibrant, career-oriented fearless women. It is our primary focus to provide the range of products that complements the lifestyle and fashion statement of today’s enthusiasts and goal-oriented women.

Bel à Vous has a wide range of fashion clothing products. To name a few, we have a range of highly exotic swimsuits, we have activewear garments that complement fitness freak women's lifestyle. And with us, you will also get to avail yourself of all seasons one-pieces and other regular clothing wears.

Lady Behind the Curtain

The lady behind the curtain who made all this possible is none other than our boss lady. She is the best example of how with grit and hard work one can achieve all humanly possible dreams. All you need is a rock-solid self-belief and an early start to turn your dreams into reality. She started it as early as the age of 18 years and made it big now.

It is because of her vision and consistent hard work combined with grit that today  Bel à Vous is leaving no stone untouched in terms of revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Like the company, she had also a very modest start but her love for fashion and commitment to excellence paved the glorious road for  Bel à Vous’s success.  Bel à Vous is the baby product of her vision is what worked as a catalyst for the meteoric growth of the company in such a short span of time.

It will not be an overstatement to say that because of her and her highly passionate team of enthusiastic women  Bel à Vous is what it is today.

Our Vision

We at  Bel à Vous firmly believe, the role of women in society is as important as the role of the sun in the solar system. Because of women, it is only possible to imagine the peaceful, fluent growth and nourishment of society. Keeping this thought at the core of our heart, we have aligned all of our focus in creating fashionable clothing of all the types that complement the fast-moving lifestyle of today’s 21st-century women, who are no less than the men and are competing in all dimensions with grace and excellence.

Here at  Bel à Vous, we not just manufacture fashionable clothing but also set the trend and standards for our today’s modern divas.

Our Product Range

 Bel à Vous’s specialty includes providing a diverse range of clothing for all body types and sizes. We at  Bel à Vous use premium quality fabric material and love using all of the globally trendy textures and patterns in our clothing range to give customers a sense of luxury and comfort simultaneously.

With us, you get to avail yourself of clothing of a wide range. That includes-

  • Dresses- We provide almost every type of dress. You name it and it will pop up in your search result. We at  Bel à Vous use Body Boosting Technology in all of our dresses to make sure the dress not just limits beauty standards but also gives needed comfort.
  • Swimwear & Beachwear- Humans are so closely attached to nature and when it comes to beaches so it’s not possible to resist the temptation of enjoying the water splash and swimming. Knowing this, we at  Bel à Vous have created highly customized swimwear and beachwear for our divas. Be it Monokinis, Bikinis & Bandikinis you will find each one of them in our stores. So, Now waiting for what, go check out our latest collection of swimwear in our beachwear section and pick anything that suits you, lady.
  • Activewear- Be it men or women fitness is a significant part of their day-to-day routine. Having proper activewear not only gives ease to perform your workout and sports session but also enhances your after-gym appearance. A well-tailored and proper size activewear optimizes and enhances the sports and workout session. And because of this, we have created a wide range of activewear for our sports enthusiast divas. We have activewear available in all body types and sizes in all color variants. Happy? So, Now hurry up, check it out by yourself, and pick one for yourself.

Online Stores

In the era of the internet revolution, everything is now available with one click at their online store platforms. Keeping with the trend,  Bel à Vous is also having a digital store presence.

You can visit our official website www.belavous.com to check out our services and our clothing products or you can choose the second route.

For the convenience of our customers, we have tied up with many digital shopping stores and platforms for example Amazon, where you can also find our premium range of clothing at reasonable prices.

Get In Touch

Thinking about reaching us out, to get more and deeper info about us and our services. So, you can visit us at our physical office space primarily based in Delhi NCR, India. Or, you can also contact us through our official social media handles, email, and contact numbers provided below.

To keep in touch, you can follow us on our social media handles, and to get featured in our blogs and social media posts you can also tag us in your social media posts.

Our official handle is @Belavous. Let’s get connected and spread love and positivity in this community of women. And as we said earlier this company is “Made by a woman, Made for a woman.”