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Elegant Fusion

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Rs. 8,699.00
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Rs. 10,200.00
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Rs. 8,699.00

The Blazer, Skirt, Feather Top, and Shorts Set. This versatile collection embodies sophistication and versatility. The tailored blazer exudes elegance, while the skirt adds a touch of femininity. The feather top offers effortless grace, and the shorts provide a contemporary twist. Crafted with premium fabrics and impeccable attention to detail, this set ensures comfort and style. Available in a range of classic colours, this ensemble is perfect for any occasion. Embrace the power of a complete look with our Blazer, Skirt, Feather Top, and Shorts Set. Shop now and unleash your fashion-forward side.

This can be customised as per your fit, feel free to drop in your measurements including the length of the skirt. 

Includes - Top, Blazer, Skirt and Shorts