Bell Bottoms - All you need to know about them - Are they making a Comeback? What are the Best Ways To Wear them?

Bell Bottoms – Are they making a Comeback? What are the Best Ways To Wear them?


After nearly a decade of skinny jeans reigning supreme, wide-leg designs are making a comeback. It's time to face the facts, slim jeans fans: bell-bottoms have returned! I'm referring to this denim from the 1970s, not bootcut or wide-leg jeans. Flares are similar to bell-bottoms but aren't as wide. this jeans are one of the favourite styles. A pair of correct bell-bottoms makes a woman appear tall, slim, and skinny.


What are Bell-Bottoms, and what do they do?

this are a type of pant that gets broader from the knees down, creating a bell-like appearance in the leg.





Since the seventeenth century, people who worked on boats wore this bottom pants with belled or flared legs as a practical design. The long legs made it easy to roll the pants up and out of the way for activities like washing the decks. this pants could also be pulled off over boots or shoes, and the wide legs inflated with air to serve as a life preserver if a sailor fell overboard. During the 1960s, those who did not want to conform to the close-fitting and conservative clothing rules of the 1950s developed a new style a very inexpensive and highly casual one.



Young people shunned things from high-end apparel stores, opting instead for second hand and thrift stores. both broad and somewhat flared, became a hallmark of the distinctive and colourful style of the 1970s as their popularity grew. Some wished for the bottoms pants to go forever, seeing them as "old-fashioned terrible taste." On the other hand, flared trousers made a comeback in the 1990s as part of a trend toward baggy clothes.


Now this trend

 Flared and wide pants are still popular now, in 2021. The pant legs must be able to skim the floor no matter what shoe you're wearing. It's almost as though it's dragging. Flared hems that are too short are never flattering and visually shorten your figure. The body is elongated and slimmed by wide hems that almost reach the floor. I like it when the bells are so large that the shoes are entire hide. Toes should peek out slightly if you're wearing a narrower style. Do not be afraid to play with volume by wearing your pants with a flowing silk shirt. Just make sure that the shirt's intricacy doesn't distract from the jeans. Experiment with different colours and even prints when it comes to flares.

All you need is a simple top to underline the waist and draw attention to the pants. Look for high-waisted jeans, which are more flattering and easy to wear.



This cut also lengthens your legs instantly—and who doesn't desire longer legs? A cropped t-shirt, especially if it's high-waisted, is ideal. You can wear a billowy top with this jeans since they are so tight on your torso. If you want a more refined style, tuck your shirt or tank top to emphasize your larger waist and add a belt to complete your ensemble. neutral wedge to achieve a 70s look—plus, the bulkiness of a wedge adds to the 70s vibe.


Women trends

The most important thing to remember while styling this silhouette is to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, high-waisted. They're just more attractive and allow for a longer line on your body, in my opinion. Second, have them made to fit your favourite shoes.



You want them to love the earth, that's all. They couldn't fly any higher, but they can travel longer and puddle a little. Finally, there's the issue of balance. Keep things more tailored and fitting up top if your pant leg is super big. It will be far more flattering and less taxing on your physique.


How to accessorise these jeans 

Flared denim can accessorize in the same way as your beloved skinny jeans. To accent, your attire, lean towards a few fashionable trends. To complete your ensemble, add a great belt. With a lovely bag or clutch, you've got yourself a complete look!




Shoes with these jeans

A common question I get concerning this is about shoes. Takeaways should be thick and tall. Make sure your jeans tailor to your shoes, so they don't seem sloppy or are too short. With wide-leg jeans, I prefer a platform peep toe. I like a considerable wedge espadrille in the summer and a bulky bootie or mule in the fall and winter.




All you need to think about is the length of your jeans. Always have your feet on the ground!


Bell bottom for man



It's time to put your slim jeans away and make room for the traditional Flare Trousers. The most famous fashion style from the 1970s is back, and trust me, and it's better than ever!

 In 2021, we expect a resurgence of vintage fashion trends. One such design that is making its way back into your closet is the flared trouser. Skinny jeans are no longer fashionable. It's time to say your goodbyes, no matter how emotionally attached you are!




Don't be unhappy, because these Flared trousers will be a lot of fun. Flared trousers allow you the flexibility to try new things. They're cool, but they're also quite comfortable. And, as we've previously stated in our blogs, fashion in 2021 will be all about freedom and comfort. It's time to stop suffocating your legs with your skinny pants and start allowing them to breathe a little more. This transition from tight and tight to free and flare jeans will be difficult.





But it will be well worth it! And if you style them correctly, we're confident you'll look great in this retro look. The bold look of these jeans Flared pants or bell bottoms, on the other hand, now have a modern twist. The this denims of the 1970s were significantly more expansive than they are now. The flare on today's flare bottoms is minimal. The Boot-cut Jeans are a much more popular style in which the jeans or trousers are tailored straight from the waist to the knee and flared slightly below the knee before becoming more exhaustive to the ankle. The Flared Trousers look good on people of all sizes and shapes. However, the flare of the pants can make one look better than the other. I'm trying to imply that too much fit on a petite man won't look nice, whereas too little flare on a tall man won't make a difference.

To Bollywood studios

While trend reports concerning this pants have been on and off for seasons, it is Bollywood celebs like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and others that have caught our attention to make a special note! They've been rocking a 1970s style for a while now. The ladies in B-town with flared leg denim since the end of last year, ranging from vintage to medium faded to dark indigo tones.




Deepika Padukone debuted her Myntra-exclusive collection, dominating the finale in a bootleg low-rise denim. She is wearing the trend in a variety of ways. There's something for everyone, from a formal appearance with a soft sheen crop top to matching sets in classic colours.




During the first quarter of 2016, social media photographers captured more of this trend, notably in February and March. In the pictures above, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, and Malaika Arora are wearing elongated denims in a variety of indigo washes.

Trend in India

What does all of this mean in terms of the bottom line and real business? Will Flared hemlines usurp the Skinny and become the new Skinny? When we zoom in on India on the global map, we see a non-definitive trend in Google search trends spanning macro and micro periods. More information is below: The product has maintained a Flat trend with sporadic demand surges over the past two years, which is not a solid enough pattern to prove a growth in 'this denims.'





According to the data, when comparing the growth trends of 'Slim pants' and 'Bell-Bottoms,' skinny pants have increased on average by 17 percent. Despite all the influence, the growth of this jeans has stayed FLAT. Is this to say that India, unlike the rest of the world, is not ready to embrace the comeback of the 1970s bell-bottoms? While 'this jeans' in general may not be particularly popular, interest in 'Flared Jeans' in particular appears to be increasing seasonally. 




Runways to high-street retail collections, international designer influence, and consumer trends have underlined the growing interest in this jeans. Although celebrities are wearing the movement in India, research reveals that it has yet to influence the Indian market. The Skinny is still expanding, and demand for this has not increased. If we look closely, we can see a growing interest in fresh denim silhouettes, backed up by the 'Flared Jeans' search trend. As previously said, this is a seasonal need, and 'Denim, Only' manufacturers, should take advantage of this opportunity to add this style to their portfolio for Hits 0 and 1 of Spring 2021 collections.


For others, though, the destiny of bell-flares in 2021 is still unknown. It's worth a look throughout the summer and fall of 2021.

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