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The Polka Set

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Rs. 5,699.00
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Rs. 6,799.00
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Rs. 5,699.00

Introducing a stunning ensemble that exudes elegance and style: a captivating polka dot top and skirt set. This exquisite outfit features a charming combination of polka dots, designed to add a playful touch to your attire. The top boasts a flattering silhouette with flares that accentuate your curves and create a feminine appeal. Paired with the skirt, which also includes flares, this ensemble effortlessly elongates your figure, giving the illusion of height and grace. Additionally, strategically placed slits in the skirt offer a subtle glimpse of skin, adding a hint of allure to your overall look. Step into this outfit and experience the confidence that comes from feeling tall, slim, and utterly chic.

This can be customised as per your fit, feel free to drop in your measurements including the length of the dress.